Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Community Engagement

Happy summer! I began a graduate course this summer and have to create a community engagement project. I have to work with a district-wide concept that cuts across all grades. However, I began thinking of some things that could be done at the elementary level (just because!). Since I work at a K-1 building, I'd like to know what are some (K-1) things your building does to involve the community? Anything that you really like and is well-received? Please share!

On a family-related note... my son turns 1 next month and I made his invites similar to Sydney's last Fall...he loves anything that looks like a "ball" so we're running with that as a theme. I've found some great ideas on Pinterest. I'm excited to get started!

I hope to be back blogging with MUCH more regularity this summer...and this school year. Goals, goals, goals...