Friday, January 2, 2015

Resolutions for 2015

     I thought it'd be fun to link up with Erica over at Erica's Ed-Ventures and talk about my goals for 2015. It's a brand new year so participating in more than one linky party (consecutive days in a row) is acceptable, right?

     My biggest financial goal for 2015 is to budget more and spend less on things we don't need. This goal includes my spending on TPT. Yikes! Perhaps if I actually get to a point where I have products to sell in my TPT store, I could justify spending the money I do on TPT. But that isn't the case (yet) so this is an area where I need to cut back. We have also had a lot of things happen recently to dictate our finances (primarily two house payments and our adoption process) and we want to be committed to a tighter budget. In the past several months, we've made some cuts in our monthly budget which have helped of which was getting rid of our DirectTV. We now only have access to Hulu and Netflix. Due to our geographic location, we don't even get regular cable channels. Talk about different! My husband has made the biggest sacrifice with not getting sports channels. Bless him!

     I have a few professional goals I'd like to work on in 2015. First, I'd love to work on my TPT store and create some products to sell. But I know that takes time and money. With coaching basketball right now and with my financial goal in mind, this particular goal may not be achievable just yet. I also need to take some professional development classes to renew my license next year so I want to take a couple of courses this summer...perhaps something that focuses on using technology inside of the classroom. Being an Ohio teacher also has me thinking more about short-term and long-term goals in the classroom (thanks OTES!). What a to-do list for one year! Thankfully I have 12 months!

     This is short and sweet. I drink WAY too much pop and my eating habits are less than healthy. I want to improve in both of those areas...THE END.

     For Christmas, I asked my mom for 3 books...Interrupted, The Best Yes, and The Hands Free Mama. I want to read more this year. Ironically enough, unless it's a children's book, I really don't care to read. So you can imagine my mother almost fell over dead when I requested books this year! HA! My mom and sisters LOVE to read. They knock out books in a few hours. I am definitely the ugly duckling when it comes to my goal is to improve in that area! We are also starting a new bible study on Francis Chan's Forgotten God so I am looking forward to reading (and finishing) his book as we work through it.

What are your resolutions for 2015? I'd love to hear!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Currently January

     This poor little blog has been neglected as the craziness of December in Kindergarten took over...and I've been focusing more on our adoption blog recently. But I am SO excited to participate in Farley's Currently Series. By the is it January!?

Listening: to anyone else?! We'll probably head over to my mom's later for our annual sauerkraut and sausage meal while we watch the Buckeyes play. We're Michigan fans...but the rest of my family roots for OSU. So we oblige and cheer on our fellow Big 10 team.

Loving: the feel of a New Year. A New Year means new things. I'll probably make resolutions that won't stick...but I do want to make some attainable goals for this year...both personally and professionally. One of reading some new books that I got- The Best Yes, Hands Free Mama, and Interrupted.

Thinking: about everything I haven't done for school. I went into my room a couple of times this week only to realize that it's a disaster and it will have to be handled at a later date. Well since we go back on Monday...I can't push it back any longer! Here's to the next day or two getting things under control in there!

Wanting: our house to sell. We put our house on the market in August...and are waiting patiently for it to sell. We want to move to the town where I's also where we both grew up and where we go to church. It will also be where our oldest starts Kindergarten next year!! Yikes! We had a really positive showing on Tuesday so we're praying for God's timing on this whole situation.

Needing: to take down our Christmas stuff. Blah. I LOVE leaving the tree lights on past Christmas. It makes for such a nice ambience. But alas, the Christmas season is over and it needs to come down. Maybe that will be a Sunday thing.

Yes: We will match this year! We have started our international adoption journey...and will hopefully begin our home study within the next couple of months...and once that is (hopefully) approved and completed...we are told we will match quickly! We are praying for His will and the peace that comes with it's been a rough couple of years.

Maybe: create some TPT stuff to sell. I've started so many products...and then just don't make the time to finish them. I know that won't be done anytime soon either with our adoption process and with me coaching basketball. But it is something I'd really like to accomplish this year! I have some freebies in my store...but nothing to purchase.

I wish: to travel outside of the country. My husband and I have never been...and I know eventually that will be untrue when we go to bring our son or daughter home. However, we have an anniversary two days after Christmas and it rarely gets celebrated. I think we both need to recharge a bit after these last couple of years. But I would settle for a family vacation to Florida too...which is probably slated for June or July.

Thanks to Farley at Oh Boy Fourth Grade for hosting this linky party! I always love to participate in it!