Thursday, July 10, 2014

TPT and Freebies

One of my "dreams" that I talked about in February was opening up my own TPT store. I LOVE creating things! Fun fact...I was voted 'Most Artistic' my senior year. I have very fond memories of my Art teacher in High School. Another fun fact....I wanted to major in graphic design and Spanish. I love the Spanish language and took 4 years of it in high school. My grandma used to tease me and tell me I'd be able to sell tacos in Mexico with that double major. Hmmm...I do LOVE tacos! But after a rough freshman year in college, I knew I wasn't in the right major. The business world isn't always an ethical world. Sooooo I switched to Early Childhood Education and immediately knew that was for me! I'm so thankful God's plan can be loud and clear sometimes.

Ok back to my original dream. TPT. I did it! I have a store! And it has 3 freebies! *Insert squeals of excitement*

I'm obviously beginning with some very small items, but am so thankful for those teachers that have downloaded my freebies and left me some feedback. I've started to work my way through the very beginning of the year. I typically do the Kissing Hand, an All About Me theme, then move on to Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, Community Helpers, know, the usual beginning of the year themes. Hopefully these themes will bring some more inspiration for some new items. My husband joked with me the other day about my third freebie. "So when are you going to start making money? I feel like you've only spent it so far." He has a great point, but I know TPT isn't a "get rich quick" thing. So I'm hanging on to the positive feedback I've received so far. And besides, it's FUN! What a great creative outlet...I know I've been missing out for all you wonderful teachers out there that have a current TPT store. Thank you for inspiring me! Have a blessed weekend!