Wednesday, March 12, 2014

How-To Writing

This week we plunged into some "How-To" writing...if you haven't already checked out these units...they are a MUST for your classroom. I have to say that writing has taken a back burner with all these snow days (TODAY is #15) I was ECSTATIC -to say the least- about the "writing" that is being produced. *Have I used enough capital letters in this post?* Monday and Tuesday were spent beginning pieces, finishing pieces, and beginning second and third pieces. I have some very confident kiddos who are already authoring "How-To" number FOUR. Then, I have a couple of kiddos who need a lot of support. The ideas are their own and I have been so blessed by the efforts of these students. Here are some that made my you do writer's workshop in Kindergarten? What works for you?

I also had a piece that spoke to the topic of tying a went a little something like this: 1. Get some ribbon. 2. Tie it. 3. And there you go. HA! Five-year olds and six-year olds rock! Happy HUMP day!