Saturday, November 1, 2014

Currently- November Edition

I'm excited to be linking up with Farley over at Oh Boy Fourth Grade for her "Currently" linky party!

Listening: to my hubby breathing. We just got home from a pajama party with our small group...So fun! But my hubby is already sleeping and well, I'm blogging on my the dark.

Loving: that it's Fall Back tonight! Wahoo! Here's hoping our kiddos get the memo and don't get up too early. Maybe we can all be in a good mood for church tomorrow.

Thinking: about our next 2 weeks. My husband has a crazy work schedule with out of town (and state) meetings, late nights, early name it! It also happens to be OTES time for me...gradecard time, and parent-teacher conferences. Yuck! Praying we make it out alive these next couple of weeks!

Wanting: family pictures. This works out perfectly because we're getting them taken on Thursday! My super talented friend takes the most beautiful pictures and I'm so excited to capture some new shots. We also have a little surprise up our sleeves for Thursday! Eek!

Needing: grade cards to start and finish themselves. The end. Amen.

Reading: Adopted for Life. My husband and kiddos and I are beginning our adoption journey to bring home the next piece to our family puzzle! This particular book is one I'm going through with a group at church on Wednesday nights. A great read for anyone and everyone.

Head on over to see what great Currently editions are up on Oh Boy Fourth Grade!

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