Sunday, February 1, 2015

Currently- February

Linking up with Farley over at Oh' Boy 4th Grade for her monthly Currently favorite!

Snow is falling, falling, much so that church was canceled this morning! I'm not sure we would have made it anyway. Our oldest was up in the night with the pukes. Thankfully, it was an isolated incident and she hasn't done it more than that one time. However, she's just not feeling the greatest...and her brother is right behind her. Coughing up some yuckies. So our current situation is a lot of rest and relaxation...and a little TV.

We're estimated to get more than a foot of snow before tomorrow so school may be a no-go, especially if there's any sort of drifting or blowing. We've missed quite a bit of school already due to being such a rural school district. Our buses have to go out quite a way in all directions to service our families. As a result of our missed school days, we've changed the date for our 100th day of school a lot! And we may not be done changing it yet! Yikes!

The kids are itching to get out in the snow...we spent our snow day last week searching for a pair of boy's snow boots. We were a little late to the party...and didn't have any luck until our sixth store! Luckily, they had ONE pair in our bub's size and they were 50% off. Phew! I think we'll get out and shovel before this next 8 inches falls. We're projected to get an inch per hour for the next several hours. Snow. Snow. Snow.

I updated my personal blog Our Glorious Unfolding with some exciting news about our international adoption journey! We were approved by South Korea (in record timing) to begin our home study. Wahoo! Exciting and scary all at the same time. 

I know the title of "Miss Busy Bee" could be given to probably every single teacher (or non teacher wife or mom) out there! But I'm feeling slightly more busy than usual this season with our approaching home study...and my coaching basketball right now...and teaching...and being a mommy to 2. We're also in the midst of selling our house and things have been moving in that area (lots of showings and getting ready for showings- yuck) so we're praying a sale will happen soon...which means finding a house and moving in the future would need to happen sooner than later as well! 

Thanks again to Farley for such a fun linky party. I hope you all have a WONDERFUL February!