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     Hello! Mrs. Murray here...you can call me Lindsay though! I'm getting ready to begin my 7th year of teaching Kindergarten. Aside from a year in 4th grade as a long-term sub...Kindergarten is all I've ever known. Honestly, I can't see myself leaving this grade-level except to become an elementary principal- which is something I would like to be some day. But not just yet. I'm having too much fun with my Kinders.

     Inside my classroom, you can often find me (or not find me) sitting on the floor amongst my students. I love getting down on their level and it makes for great laughs when your principal can't find you. Ha! I enjoy trying new things in the classroom too! Don't get me wrong, we have some tried and true stuff from year to year, but sometimes I just need a change of scenery. It keeps things fresh and FUN! I also tend to be quite the dancer when it comes to our daily Kindergarten happenings. One of the things I always tell my kiddos is..."Mrs. Murray loves to dance and sing!" And by the end of the school year, the kiddos can complete that sentence for me. I think it's quite obvious now that I'm a HUGE GoNoodle fan! But just in case it wasn't...now it is crystal clear. Although the curriculum has changed even from when I first began not too many (right?!) years ago, I try to remember that these kiddos are five and six years old. They need hands-on opportunities each and every day. And heavens, I do too! Learning should be hands-on! With that being said, one of my favorite things about this age-group is how MUCH they can learn during the course of one school year. Despite the more rigorous curriculum and their young age, Kindergarteners NEVER cease to amaze me at all they can absorb. It's my favorite part of my job!

     Outside of my classroom, I love spending time with my husband, my daughter (a Kindergartener this year!), and my son (a Pre-K dude this year!). My kiddos LOVE to do art "projects," use their imagination, visit the beach, play outside (especially if it means we can hop from park to park around our little city), and sing and dance- just to name a few! Although my husband can't always enjoy summers with us (since he's NOT a teacher), we love doing things on the weekends together as a family of four...and soon to be FIVE! We're growing our family through international adoption. We haven't been matched with our son or daughter yet, but we're praying for him or her each and every day. We can't wait to bring our missing puzzle piece home!

     Thank you SO SO much for stopping by! I have truly enjoyed getting into this blogging world little by little. I continue to be impressed and inspired by so much of what you all do. I hope to "see" you again soon!

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