Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I've totally let myself down with this whole blogging thing! I have already thought about how I can do a better job for next school year...HA! I should probably focus on what's left of this school year first. In other news, Pinterest has taken a hold of my life...oh. my. word. It's actually to a point where my 2 year old daughter will get my computer and say "Let's see what's for dinner...." Embarrassing. In all seriousness though, (seriously!) I've tried sooooooooooo many GOOD recipes through Pinterest! I even made some Valentine cards for my cuties to hand out at the sitter's house. Thank you, Pinterest! Okay well I do promise to post some pictures of some things we've worked on in the last SEVERAL (EEK!) months! Better late than never!

OH! And...check out the two links below. A fellow teacher and I organized this High School Musical "production" for our entire district. One video features the bus drivers, high school, and middle school. The second video features our three elementary schools. We did the song twice so we could include our entire district. It was part of a "team-building" effort and a way to promote our school. SO FUN! Don't we work with some pretty fun people?!?! Have a super rest of the week!
Version 1

Version 2

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