Monday, September 1, 2014

Currently September with Farley- My First!

Ok...I have no idea what I'm doing...BUT this lonely blog needs some FUN! As I was scrolling through my IG feed, I saw others linking up with Farley for her Currently September and thought it was a now or never kind of day! It's September 1st so why not start this month off with a blog post. (and a FUN one at that!) Here's hoping I do this correctly...

Listening: to my kiddos play! They're 21 months apart (almost 5 and a just turned 3-year old) and for the most part...they get along exceptionally well!

Loving: that we haven't started school yet! Due to new school construction...we're slated to start tomorrow! However, since I teach Kindergarten we'll use this week for some phase-in days and KRA testing. So I technically won't get my full class until NEXT Monday! Yikes!

Thinking: about turning 30 this month...11 days to be exact. I'll be honest, the thought of turning 30 is really freaking me out. 

Wanting: to be healthier this year. I don't exercise, but I DO love sports. I coach basketball and used to coach volleyball. But in general, I don't exercise. And I drink copious amounts of caffeinated drinks (namely pop and coffee). I'm also a Celiac girl so gluten-free is the life for me! But that still doesn't get me out of downing a bag of potato chips when I want to indulge. I'd just like to take my health a little more seriously.

Needing: to go into school and to cook dinner. My good friend and I are in charge of our KRA testing this week...and I really need to go in and get some things ready for that tomorrow morning. I should also feed my hard-working hubby who is tiling our master bathroom...oh and the kids! :)

3 trips: Haiti- Hopefully my husband and I will begin the adoption process this Fall for a little one from Haiti...the details have yet to be worked out...but we're passionate about adoption and can't wait to begin our journey! 
New Mexico- My brother-in-law gets married in 4 we're off to Santa Fe! I'm excited to see the beautiful landscapes he has talked about and to spend this time with our family as two become one.
Disney- We would love to take our kiddos to Disney in the next year or so. I think they're at the age where it'd be a lot of fun! 
Ok so there's that! Thanks for taking the time to ready my Currently September! I hope each of you has a fantastic school year! Check out the other wonderful Currently September editions at Oh' Boy 4th Grade!

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  1. I just downed a bag of chips and french onion dip. Understand the craving! I'm headed to Disney this spring with my 5th graders! I think I'm more excited than they are.