Monday, September 29, 2014

Five for Friday- LATE as usual

I'd like to think I have a very good reason for not linking up on Friday. I was in NEW MEXICO for a family wedding and didn't bring my laptop. Looking back though...I'm sure savvy bloggers bring their devices everywhere so they can blog anywhere. Ooops! I guess I'm not quite that savvy yet. Ha! Either's my Five for Friday (on a Monday) because we just got into town at 4AM. Obviously, I took a personal day today and stayed home to catch up on sleep! *And I got to take my sweeties to their afternoon Preschool class. BONUS! 


I LOVED this center this week...we worked on names, names, names. I have a large oil drip pan for our magnet center...this comes in super handy because it's portable. This week, we laid the pan on the carpet and four friends could set around the rectangle shape. The laminated templates (pictured above) are from Julie Lee's September Intervention pack found here. She also includes one with handwriting lines that we'll use with dry erase markers. Students built their name with magnets, then covered up the letters in their name with small erasers. Once finished, they could grab a classmate's name and bring it to their center to do the same. *I attach my student name plates with Velcro so I can easily change and move them throughout the year. The Velcro allowed the students to grab a name quickly and return it when they were finished.



This is our writing center, thanks to the talented DeeDee Wills. Find these wonderful monthly resources here! This was only our third week of school, and this was our FIRST time at this center. I controlled it a bit and gave them the paper they were to complete. DeeDee offers a variety of writing pieces for students to work on each month. It's a great way to differentiate and keep this center FUN for all of the students. We started simple and completed a labeling page. Normally, I'll provide all of the writing pages for students to choose from when they're at this center.

I wonder if DeeDee needs brand reps. Haha! I kid, I kid. This is our Listening Center from DeeDee's TPT store. I was looking for a way to make our "center time" a little more manageable each week and stumbled upon her listening centers last year. She correlated the listening center packets with Scholastic's Kindergarten CD Library pack each month. GENIUS! Confession, I own them all. The kids LOVE this station...and so does this teacher! Such an easy go-to center week after week.


I have 5 iPods for my classroom and to be honest, this is an area where I struggle in my classroom. How to effectively integrate this type of technology into the classroom is always on my To-Do list. This is a personal goal for my school year so I decided to start simple and do scavenger hunts with our color words. Thursday was our "yellow" students worked in groups of 4 to find and take pictures of something "yellow" in our room. Each student could snap their own picture. Ok...MOST of them know how to use these devices (not surprising). I WAS surprised at the amount of selfies I found when we looked back through our "yellow" finds. Wow. HAHA! After a few friendly reminders, I had to ban a couple of friends from our next scavenger hunt later in the day. (We did one with shapes during our math workshop.)


I wasn't in school on Friday because my husband's brother was getting NEW MEXICO! We flew out Thursday night and got back in this morning at 4AM. It was a beautiful weekend full of amazing scenery and wonderful memories with family. And the school cancelled on Friday due to fog! (Gotta love rural communities) I get my personal day back! Wahoo! 

Have a GREAT week, friends! October is coming!

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