Thursday, October 2, 2014

October Currently!

I have to say...I have really enjoyed getting back into this whole blogging thing. The "Currently" series is SO fun to look forward to each month. *Ok so I'm only on my second month...but it's fun, ok!?*

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Here's my October Currently...and I'll be's a boring one. I apologize. It's just been a funky week of trying to get back in the swing of things. I was in New Mexico last weekend and missed a couple days of school. Check out my last post for some pictures of our trip!

Listening: To the rain. It is raining cats and dogs here and there have been some earth-shattering booms from the thunder. I have a little 3 year old cutie standing in his doorway telling me he's scared of the storm. I caved and let him snuggle with me in bed for a bit. Daddy is working late so I figured why not!?

Loving: That tomorrow is Friday! I wasn't even at school on Monday since we were flying back from New Mexico, but it has been one of those weeks! I've just felt a little behind in life! I began a new position on Tuesday night for one of our school programs. I started a new bible study on Wednesday about adoption, and then cooked dinner tonight for one of our church families who welcomed a new baby. I think I might have resembled a chicken with its head cut off this week...yikes!

Thinking: About this weekend. Having just said I'm glad that tomorrow is Friday...I've been trying to think of something we can do together as a family this weekend. The start of the school year is always busy for our family and I'd like to spend some intentional time with our kids. I'm leaning towards carving pumpkins...the kiddos always enjoy that...and with the forecast, it might be best. We have a pumpkin patch and corn maize near us that's a lot of fun and a fruit farm where the kiddos can pick their own apples...but rain might delay those adventures!

Wanting: Some Biggby coffee! This. is. a. weakness. As in a "I was running SUPER late to school today and still stopped to get a coffee" weakness. It was a FREE one though so I had to go...and luckily the line was short. I'm a grande Teddy Bear kind of girl. Hot. No extra shot. And right now...I'm in bed, underneath covers, wanting something warm and toasty!

Needing: Some motivation. I sense a theme in this Currently...I've got a lot on my To-Do list and I'd really like to knock some things off of it. Not only are there school-related items, but there are some other life-related items. We're in the middle of selling our house, remodeling our master bathroom, and fixing up our rental house to sell, just to name a few. I'll be looking for some superhero powers to conquer all the To-Do items!

Trick! I'd love to do a treat, but I'm just a beginner in the whole process of TPT selling. The only items I have are free so there'd be no treat in that! I'll share a trick I use that my kiddos really enjoy in the morning. It's quite simple and the kids loved starting it this week. *We started after Labor Day so we're moving slower than normal. I don't add this step until we get a routine down.*

Anywho, in the picture below are 5 circles on the Smartboard. There is a red circle, a blue circle, an orange circle, a green circle, and purple circle (in the shadow). Those circles represent my 5 tables where students sit. Each table has colored chairs (i.e. purple table has purple chairs) and this is how I call students to the carpet, to line up, etc. Every morning we begin calendar time by completing the following sentences. Students drag the correct day or month on the line.

Yesterday was ________.
Today is _________.
Tomorrow will be ___________.
The month is __________. 

Each morning, I simply turn one of those circles into a Smiley Face and that determines which table of friends gets to finish the sentences. These students also read the sentences aloud while using a special pointer. (I have a bucket of pointers that students can choose from each day.) Great practice for one-to-one correspondence and speaking skills!

Such a SIMPLE trick...but the kiddos squeal with excitement (and disappointment) when their circle is (or isn't) turned into a Smiley Face.

Thanks for reading my October Currently! I hope your month of October is a GREAT one!


  1. Hello! I love the smart board activity with the calender! My prek kids would love that. I should be in bed about now but I am enjoying this free time and getting caught up on IG, FB and blog reading! LOL. Enjoy your night!

  2. I think we can all get excited about Friday! I'm a newbie at TPT as well. Fingers crossed rain doesn't cancel your weekend plans!
    Teaching, Love, Cupcakes

  3. BIGBY??!!! Where are you from? Bigby is in Michigan! I was born and raised in the mitten. Went to Michigan State... but now I live and teach in Texas.

  4. I live in Ohio! Ironically, my husband and I are U of M fans though! We like to live dangerously among all the Buckeyes. :)