Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Nocturnal Animal Week!

     This week, we're working our way through a little unit on nocturnal animals! On Monday, we kicked things off with this survey from The First Grade Parade! Can you believe all the Kinders who think bats are cute?! Wait. I shouldn't be surprised. Of course they would think that! Mrs. Murray definitely put her bat on the "creepy" side of our graph. I asked students to share something they noticed about the graph and I was so impressed with their math talk. I heard things like..."Most of us think bats are cute." and "There are less bats on creepy." GOOOOO Kinder friends!

     It's getting to be a pretty BIG week in Kindergarten. There are so many FUN things to do with nocturnal animals. I even squeezed in something new this week...thanks to a last-minute TPT purchase. Check out these ADORABLE thematic crowns from Lidia Barbosa. I personally think $3 is a STEAL for these precious crowns. We may or may not have made crowns two days in a row. :-)

As Lidia explains, they are great tools to start conversations about the school home! Besides, I have a ton of sentence strips in my classroom AND my boys were even asking to wear these gems all day. The crowns were an all-around great investment. Go buy them!

Our crown excitement continued today when we made SPIDER crowns. (I realize that eventually I might have to tone it down on the crowns...but right now, we're pretty into them. So we got a double dose! Ha!) We also earned another SMART cookie party this week! We jazzed up our usual smart cookie party and made it a super smart SPIDER cookie party. The kiddos got a kick out of this special activity.

On a final note for this mid-week post...we attempted another directed drawing- THE BAT. Swoon. I am definitely making this a monthly activity. If I had a bulletin board in the hallway...these precious directed drawings would totally be a monthly bulletin board! But alas...I don't have a BB. At least maybe not until next year?! (We are in the process of building a new school...more on that later this year.) Are these bats not totes adorbs?! There, I said it.

Have a wonderful rest of your week, friends! Maybe I'll even be back for an "on-time" Five for Friday. I hope!

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