Saturday, September 3, 2011

Game Day, potty training, and FREEBIES! Oh my!

What a Saturday! I must share that my husband let me sleep in this morning and took the kiddos downstairs. When I came down around 9:30 (it felt SO good!) he was making the ultimate breakfast! Lucky girl! I was served pancakes, sausage, and eggs...with fresh coffee! Yeah...major brownie points. Also on the menu today...the kickoff to college football! GO BLUE!

We also have our game faces on for the event known as "potty training your almost 2-year old." Let's just say we've got a load of big girl undies in the washer. :) So I figured...what better a time to decide how to share files using google docs? I've got about 10 windows opened up on my computer and after a Cherry Coke and a few potty breaks (for me AND the little girl)...I think I've figured it out! Here it goes...

The first document is a Popcorn Word Activity page. I think I've seen it as a Star Word activity (not sure who exactly!?), but my class refers to these sight words as popcorn words so I made my own version. Click here to get your copy! *I apologize there is a second blank page in this file...sooo annoyed by it! I've got some glitches to work on yet.*

The second document is pretty boring, but I wanted to hang the number poems in my classroom and couldn't find anything on the web that was just right. There are several versions of these number formation poems out there, but this is the set of rhymes we use. I'm not sure where it came from because it was passed on to me by a veteran Kindergarten teacher. I just used a cute font and added a simple border. No clip art. :( I'm just beginning though so baby steps. Click here to see the number formation poems.

Okay, I'm going to call it quits for now....the caffeine of today is beginning to make my head spin. Enjoy the holiday weekend and GO BLUE!

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