Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What's for Dinner?

Well it's raining here and my cuties are I decided I'd plan dinner for tonight. I had my husband pick up a loaf of french bread at the store for garlic bread, but I think we're going to have french bread pizza instead. Yum! I found an easy-peasy recipe at Kraft Foods so I think we'll give it a try. In keeping with a pizza theme today, I created a pizza graphing activity! Print and laminate the pizza and the pizza toppings. Then, give each student a bag with a pizza and an assortment of pizza toppings. Students will build the pizza that comes in their bag and then complete the graph. I also added a quick extension activity for students to complete that focuses on concepts of most, least, and tally marks. I thought this pizza graph would be an excellent activity to go with some great books such as:

Enjoy and happy graphing!

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