Friday, September 2, 2011

Our first FULL week!

Well today marks the end of our first week in Kindergarten! Here's the twist...I wasn't there! I am still on maternity so I've been enjoying my babies at home. It has been an interesting experience though not to be with my Kinder kiddos this week. My sub is doing a great job, but there are just so many things that happen that first week that you can't put into a lesson plan. Such is life!

I've heard many positive things about the first week though...and have been in to my classroom a few times (at night) to look things over. I just can't help it! Here are some highlights from our first week!

  • We learned the Red Song and completed the Frog Street crayon book.  Click here to see the song on video! We also completed the Red strip book found at Musings of Me! She has created wonderful little books for all of the colors. It's a great activity to work on writing and coloring...especially at the beginning of the year! Click here to visit her blog for the free downloads!
  • The students made mosaic Rainbow Names by Deanna Jump...they turned out SO WELL! I've got my largest group yet this year with 24 students so I was super nervous about leaving this project for my sub...simply because I had never done it before! She did a fantastic job and they look great. I'm thinking I'll go in this weekend and hang them from the ceiling for a fun surprise on Tuesday.
  • We kicked off our Science unit with the Coke and Mentos experiement. This was (again) inspired by Deanna Jump! Love her! The kids discussed the science signs from her FREE download "What do Scientists Do?" Click here to go over and get your copy of Deanna's awesome resource.
  • We also did several name game activities on the Smartboard. Check out Peace, Love, and Kindergarten for their great resource on TPT! Only $3! I love Willoughby Wallaby Woo!
Well nap time is blogging time is over too! Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

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